It can be a crazy world out there. Stuff happens, sure. But is it real and purely accidental or maliciously planned? How do you know and who do you have to protect you and fight for you directly and around the edges?

Since no one can predict the future, it’s smart to be prepared for it.

One big question. Do you have all the coverages needed to reduce
and manage your restaurant insurance risk and losses due to…?

  • Slip & Fall
  • Food Poisoning
  • Liquor Liability
  • Smoke or Fire Damage
  • Wind & Flood Damage
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Theft and a lot more…

Here’s a powerful solution… The Whitmore Hospitality Group, The RIGHT INSURANCE with the RIGHT COMPANY that …

  • Specifically caters to Restaurant Coverage needs and has the Resources and Program to protect your assets and bottom-line
  • Has the proven experience to represent your interests in negotiations, court, and with carriers
  • Is the Most Responsive, Comprehensive and Aggressively priced in the Marketplace today

Fact Stranger than Fiction? Consider things like this…


They seem so giddy.

But, they’ve only had one glass of wine each.
They leave even giddier. Must have been the dessert?
Hours later the police arrive to investigate their car crash.
Luckily you have cameras that show them coming out of the bathrooms appearing to have done some drugs to add to the giddiness.
Preparation is protection.

Are you protected the right way?

Accidental or Planned?

See that sweet older woman at Table 17?
Was there a little crease in the mat in front of the Ladies Room? Did she really trip and fall or is she looking for a nice payday on you?
Once a lovely, happy patron, now armed with an aggressive contingency attorney looking to relieve you of a lot of time and money.
We believe insurance is personal and we take a personal approach to advocating and fighting for you.

Here’s a story for you.

One “Restaurant Plus” client proudly opened their new restaurant.
Did they foresee that one day one a car would drive right through the front of their restaurant? (If they did, we should go to Vegas together).
They were happy they had the right types of protection.

Who could foresee Super Storm Sandy doing the damage it did. Many businesses weren’t covered for Named Storms and suffered dramatically or closed entirely as they awaited a less than prompt and fulfilling FEMA response.

Whether the damage is to your establishment, one adjacent to yours or to those you rely on, coverage like Business Interruption / Loss of Business Insurance can save you from potential financial disaster.


Restaurant Insurance for Fine Dining and Upscale Bars/Taverns

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